SEE ME, the stand-alone event with no boundaries that is even more dynamic than FIMI, featured a total of 40 brands in its exhibition area at this latest show, from Spain, Holland, Italy and South Africa. This was 53% up on the January 2016 edition.

The companies exhibiting as part of SEE ME concurred that this edition was very positive from both a fashion and a business perspective.

FIMI has created a distinct identity for SEE ME that is very much its own, and the event has become a lifestyle showcase.

For BUHO’s representative the SEE ME experience was very positive  “because apart from the customers we were already working with we have got into new retailers, so we are happy with having been at the show.” A spokesman for Plumeti Rain, Pablo Ortiz, highlighted the way the SEE ME area had been organised and decorated: “I think that they have at last created a space that is at once different and attractive, on a par with other major international shows.” He said he is happy with how the fair works and that for the company SEE ME is a way of reaching foreign buyers of the trends on show in this section of FIMI.

Lucy, of JIM&Lucy, which was at SEE ME for the first time to publicise the brand, said that as well as making contact  with retailers from almost every part of Spain “we have also made inroads into new international markets, most notably England, Mexico and Russia.