Success of the FIMI Business

The new challenge of the International Children’s Fashion Fair in Madrid excite both exhibitors and visitors.

Los expositores, compradores y visitantes de FIMI saludan esta 78 Edición como una de las más exitosas de los últimos tiempos

The exhibition has been visited by national buyers of all regions, but most important for the exhibitors was that the level of internationality has met the competition. International buyers from countries across Europe, America, Asia and above all, increased targets professionals form markets like Russia and the United Arab Emirates. They confirm that FIMI is the only international platform in the world that is specialized in the children’s fashion held in Spain.

The new Project which is more global, includes low cost and travel and has therefore convinced and excited the members. Important groups of children’s fashion came together, as in this case the NFW group, New Kids Fashion, Dutch Leader Kidswear and its brands Jottum, Cakewalk, Pointer y Twin Life, Mayoral, group Carmy or Tuc Tuc.

It was a great challenge for FIMI and for Feria Valencia to hold this new event in a new location.  This is a handmade success of 350 companies, it should be noted that Joan Pujol, the representative in Spain for New Fashion Kids, stated “it shows that we are coming up, there is a lot more enthusiasm among the exhibitors and the buyers.”

For Ignacio Mora, deputy commercial director of the company Mayoral, the new draft has encouraged the sector. “It was a need to come to Madrid, where the business is located.” FIMI has now become a 100%  international fair because it shows the presence of many international buyers.

Patricia Ruiz, Brand Manager of the company Name IT, a firm that returned after several editions, commented that the influx of the buyers was surprising, and meant that the industry needed this change. Meanwhile, Evaristo Gonzalez of the Carmy Group emphasizes “the union sector of this exhibition manages to bring together the whole range of children’s fashion. ”

Javier Calabuig, the commercial agent of Piccoletas,  said “we were pleasantly surprised to find a great public throughout the weekend. We have made many contacts with buyers, in particular form Germany and England.”

The internationality is one of the many highlights for the participating companies. “Our global customers came to FIMI from Libya, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia and fortunately all of them have purchased”, concluded José Manuel Rodrigo Barcarolle. On the other hand, Pedro Bravo appeared surprised by the large number of people at this edition. “We have received many national and international clients, particularly from Russia.”

To sum up, buyers from over 50 countries showed the high level of internationality of FIMI. Therefore, both exhibitors and visitors appreciate the change, the effort and the new concept of the exhibition FIMI.

 “From novice to veteran”, a plus in FIMI

The prestigious Designers Modesto Lomba and Fernando Lemoniez, participated in the talk “from novice to veteran”, moderated by the sociologist and journalist Pedro Mansilla. This talk was aimed at the students participating in Nuditos and both artists expressed their love for fashion. “Sometimes it is very difficult to engage in this world, but it’s always exiting, challenging and rewarding.” But they also criticise the fact that the profession is trivialised. “Fashion: what is interesting abroad, here its fun.”

The Catwalk of the FIMI Fashion Show

The catwalk of the FIMI Fashion Show capped off with fifteen firms showing their new collection: Oca Loca, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Barcarolle, Bobobli, Elisa Menuts, Jib, I-Am, Joseph Male, Lea Lelo, Lourdes, Mayoral, N+V- Nieves + Alvarez Villalobes, Name It, Sanmer and Tuc Tuc.

All this and more at the REAL FABRICA DE TAPICES, where you will find plenty of Fashion & Art.

FIMI Catwalk collaborated with Escuela de Enseñanza Activa de Rizos for hairdressing & make up.

FIMI & Corporate Social Responsability

FIMI doe not want to neglect the social work that has developed over the years within different types of action. In this FIMI edition in collaboration with the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation. The Foundation has been dedicated to the employment of people with intellectual disabilities for more than 60 years and has a benchmark among International NGOs. Throughout each day of the last edition, the Foundation combined with  Feria Valencia raised Catwalk funds. They also raised funds though selling their products which were made in the workshops of the named foundation.  FIMI also works with other foundations like the ALIA2 and A SMILE FOR LUCIA.

The next edition of FIMI, this time specialised in Communion & Ceremony, will be held from 16th to 18th May also in Madrid.