Teckel Green Collection by VILLALOBOS at the 78th Edition of FIMI

Colección O/I 2014-15 Teckel en FIMI 78 Edición

TECKEL GREEN  is a essential collection in a small format. This winter of 2014 Villalobos went through the scents of winter. Through fragrances of rosemary with green, fragrances of petals with powdered roses and lavenders with different ranges of blue. They have a range of carefully selected soft types of cloth, very soft, thinking of the newborns. Regarding structures they have had small winks “bobo” with leather vests, with lumps of gremlins and their feet garments and ear reefers.

Regarding the design they have made small “bobo” winks, with vests made of fur, elf jackets and their fetiche garment, the coat with ears.