The new fashion Academy “Different Kids” has been born- an agency designed exclusively for the children’s world where they seek and form new talents to work at the most important events of this sector. This project emerges from very creative and enthusiastic people, with the intention to offer an excellent service and good taste, but they also put a personal passion into their work.

The objective of this new Academy is to train and form each of the children’s attention to detail. This includes issues of representation, promotion, customer relations and project research, as well as the objective to continuously secure a greater security. Moreover the goal is to ease them into this new environment. At the same time, the academy has an importance concerning the work guidance as well as the support from the parents to their children’s work, although the children usually take it as a game, for the academy it’s a business.

“Different Kids” works in two different ways corresponding to a study of the world of child modeling. It is indispensable to define preferences and avoid stagnation which occurs if there is any opportunity arising. The workshops will be published through the web, and will be held in different locations, always searching for the most suitable place regarding the theme and always classified by age.

On the other hand, as a model agency, “Different Kids” will coordinate castings, contracts, cession of rights, accounts and will monitor the work of children. The agency works in the field of fashion, fashion shows, film, television, advertising etc. and furthermore works as an intermediary between producer, advertiser and parents.

In order to be a part of “Different Kids” or a guardian of children please fill in the registration form and pay the membership fee, payable annually. It includes a day at the Fashion show where all workshops of the season will be presented.

For further information:, or get in touch with Maria Amor Tel. 0034616 160 760 or Diego de Rando, Tel. 655 560 202.