The beauty and charm of childhood in the creations which STICKY-FUDGE present at FIMI

Colección de Sticky-Fudge para O/I 2014-15 en FIMI 78 Edición

The collection that Sticky-Fudge will present at FIMI will take you to a place of innocence, a magical world full of infinite possibilities. In their collection the company represents the important moments which you spend as a parent, while recognising the beauty and charm of childhood.

With a vintage feeling, a timeless style and a sense of eternal charm, the designs are modern and at the forefront of child design. Sticky-Fudge takes the children’s fashion art to a place of growing imagination, allowing the fashion to individually reflect each child that is wearing the clothes.

Their creations a created in a way in which the garments are mixed and combined through different collection. The style is comfortable and relaxed and allows the children to easily move while exploring and investigating the world as only they can. The fabrics, prints and finishes are selected in a careful way to complete the overall look and feel of the garment, making it practical and functional at the same time.

Sticky-Fudge is much more than clothing brand for children, it’s a way of expressing the importance of being a child and the privilege of being parents.