The belts, suspenders and bow ties of Acosta will bring avant-guard to the next edition of FIMI

ACOSTA takes more than a century devoted to the manufacture of complements so much for gentleman as for the infantile world. In an increasingly demanding market, ACOSTA strives to be at the forefront of children’s fashion.

Parents try to make their children look fashionable but at the same time they want them to feel comfortable. For that reason, ACOSTA, looks for that comfort united to an original touch in its designs so that they can be combined with the dress of the smallest.

In this edition they present in FIMI their extensive range of belts, suspenders and baby bow ties, in a wide variety of models, colors and patterns, checkered, polka dots, flowers, … etc. All of them can be combined with each other, to make fashion look fashionable and original.

ACOSTA understands the accessory as a fundamental garment in clothing and essential to have a modern and contemporary touch.

For this firm, the complement is the fundamental weapon to make fashion more avant-garde, and they try to make more and more the kids of the house become familiar with this way of combining accessories and clothing, since it gives them originality and fantasy in his way of dressing day by day. For this reason, their team follows the fashion, to reflect it at their collections, so that the family and especially the little ones enjoy it and put a touch of color to their lives.