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Preemie Violet, es una marca de ropa para bebés prematuros o de bajo peso, hasta los 3kg. Nivel 2 Stand F57-59. SEE ME

Peemie Violet is a fashion brand for preterm babies or babies with low weight, up to 3kg. Level 2, Stand F57-59 SEE ME


The 2015 collection is presented under the name Little Elefant and is divided into two categories: CLINIC, specialising in babies in hospitals and LAYETTE, from the exit of the hospital though the post development at home. All of the clothing is made from soft tissues, 100 % cotton and for winter they have personalised prints from the brand.

Designed to adapt to all the babies’ needs. All within a classic, basic line because our first priority is your baby’s comfort.


Preemie Violet was born during 2013 at the roots of experienced personnel. A year ago my second daughter was born, Paula, who born at just 35 weeks was premature. Suddenly I was immersed in an unknown world and saw my daughter in an incubator surrounding by wires….but always showing a huge desire to live.

While I was with her in the hospital I felt the need for help from other parents who had been in the same situation as me. We knew it wasn’t easy to find clothes for premature babies and since then Preemie Violet offers a sale service so that the baby looks splendid from the beginning.


All of the clothes are designed clearly thinking about the well-being of the premature babies and for their special circumstances, especially when they’re in the hospital.

That’s why it was decided to use very soft tissues from cotton that do not shed lint. Everything is made with minimalistic seams and no tags to avoid damaging the babies’ delicate skin and all openings are made with Velcro or plastic brackets (so that they do not interfere with scanners).

They are all produced in a double-breasted Japanese style, so that they’re more practical and comfortable and all of the collars are V neck, so that they don’t cover the baby’s trachea. In some garments they have created openings on the back or at the side to facilitate the passage of cables, given that during their admission many of these babies are connected to many devices and we don’t want to hinder the functionality.

Everything has been thought about to create the idyllic image of the dream baby:

“being able to see the baby dressed in clothes adapted to their needs, but aesthetically similar to that of any other newly born, it’s very important to create the bond with the parents. Seeing any things of a “normal imagination” on the body of their children softens the negative emotions and fears” comment of a neonatal nurse.