Conguitos launch a new collection characterised by offering the little ones a complete look of garments and shoes recognised for their maximum comfort. Level 1 Stand E29.

For the development of this collection, Conguitos have been inspired by the most recent trends. Trends transferred from adults to the little ones with the maximum possible delicacy, so they can show their latest in design without losing their halo of comfort.

The collection which consists of over 200 garments is distinguished by 5 lines convering baby, boy and girl. All of which are always supported by a large selection of footwear, from ballerinas to sandals, passing through the classics for the boys and through the most comfortable canvas of colours.

The line Esencia is defined by its own colours of the ocean. Its beauty is manifested in this collection through the simple, natural forms like linen with a polished chintz finish, thus achieving the perfect sophisticated touch for ceremony wear. The protagonist colours are essentially naturals: whites, beiges and navy blues. The patterned prints are highlighted by classic marine stripes, flowers in similar tones, thus representing the flower of the cotton – one of the quintessential summer materials.  Additionally, Conguitos have developed their own proposal with a checked pattern, which renews the representation of the sailor.

The Armonía line is characterised by a sweet and romantic touch, based on pink tones, using natural fabrics with a touch of sophistication and contrast to the touches of glitter. At the same time the use of prints follows the harmony which defines this collection, while always expressing their own designs in different finishes and fabrics.

The Natural line is at the same time the wildest collection. It represents the colours of nature in summer, which are accompanied by wild and citrus tones. It’s the more safari line made with natural fabrics, which is used in casual ways and is suitable for any time of the day: embroidered cambrics, poplins, Italian cotton. For the use of patterns in this line they have opted for floral and botanical prints “Liberty”, characterised by its own personality and beauty.

The Formentera is the summer denim line with touches of whites and light blues. For their development they use fun, Texan casual forms, with denims printed with polkadots, embroidered plumetti and chambres. The characteristic colours are denim blue and natural white.

The Impulso line is the more sporty line, like its name indicates, with a big impulse of colour in all its forms. With black as a combination partner which makes a bold line. Here they have also used fun shapes, cotton, joyful colours like electric blue, fuchsia and mustard.

Through each season, the footwear remains the classics of the company, irresistible campaign after campaign, marked by the latest trends. Always maintaining a differential character is what makes Conguitos such a recognised brand: design and comfort.

The collection is characterized by conveying such a happy character that defines each of the colours used. Originality is exemplified with the design, and the variety of accessories allows multiple outfits. Available in more than 22 countries as well as through their online store for children’s clothing: