THE PENGUINBAG COMPANY, pyjama bags, to sleep warm

Colección de Pijamas de THE PENGUIN BAG en FIMI 78 Edición

A Pyjamas Collection from THE PENGUINBAG at FIMI 78 edition

The Penguinbag Company will present at FIMI its penguin bags as the best option to stay warm, at bedtime, for children who already walk. The bags come with legs that allow children to move freely, stand up in the crib and even, for those who already get off their beds alone, walk without tripping.

The penguin bags are available in 7 models to indulge the fantasies of children.

All models are made of 100% cotton inside and outside. They feature a long front zipper so that children can go to the toilet alone. The zipper continues between the legs and the back to easily change the diapers of the kids who still use them.


Llegan los Pijamas-Saquito a FIMI 78 Edición

Pyjama-bags arrive at FIMI 78 edition

The Penguin Bag Company was born as a family project of two sisters, Natalia and Lourdes-mothers of four children between 1 and 4 years old- who live 10.000 kilometres apart, the first in Spain and the second in Hong Kong.

So, to get on with it, Lourdes was determined to find a solution and, with a box of crayons and a notepad, she went to see her tailor in Hong Kong and asked him to make a bag that children would gladly use. It had to be fun, had to allow them to move freely and autonomously (especially now that they played superheroes and went to the bathroom by themselves) and it had to include high quality materials. The result was the first Penguin bag that delighted both Javi and Roberto. Soon, Lourdes and Natalia were overwhelmed by calls from family and friends asking for their penguin bags for their children.

The Penguinbag Company currently manufactures and distributes Penguin bags worldwide. The designs are fresh and fun, respecting at all times the autonomy of our children and employing for them high quality materials. To this they have added one more premise: to make an effort to maintain a high value for money in order to be able to share with children all over the world the Penguin experience.

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