The family company presents at FIMI a collection with a lot   of fantastic work “for and by the children” Level 2 Stand G7

The collections are based on classic but renewed, colourful and diverse designs with a lot of fantasy, because AZUL DE COLIBÍ works “for and by the children” without forgetting that everyone at this age wants to live in a world of fantasy and colour.

AZUL DE COLIBRÍ manufactures children’s fashion from 0 months to 14 years, all of which with the manufacture of complete families for babies, and children composing of hoods, rompers, dresses and baby and child sets.

They also have a variety of accessories to accompany there comfortable designs, such as headbands and bows which are extended each year according to the demand of their customers.

This year they have advanced one step further and thanks to the acceptance and demand for their products and the requests which they incorporated into their latest fashion collection.

AZUL DE COLIBRÍ is a family company, hand-crafted and innovative with years of experience in the fashion industry. Throughout many years they have opted for making bridal dresses, party dresses and flamenco dresses. Over time they have discovered other paths and decided to get to know other horizons and extend their fashion knowledge. Always with the same love, tenacity and passion of all these years, they’ve opened a new world of children’s clothing.

The company is made up of a team of young designers who work every day with great enthusiasm and illusion, studying the fashion trends and textiles.

To make their designers they use high-quality materials, a wide range of colours and they combine diverse types of fabrics with hand-made ornaments. The result from this is the creation of a truly amazing children’s fashion collection..

Their company is open to every suggestion and idea the customer might have to always improve the quality and image of their products.