The young new brand, MILLION X, present at FIMI

Million X
Nueva marca júnior, Million X, se presenta en FIMI 78 Edición

MILLION X is the new young brand in Spain, which has been created in order to cater to the client, offering exquisite quality and design at a competitive price.

Designed for girls and boys aged 6 – 16. Casual wear, sporty and comfortable with youthful and bold designs. Sample a functional, dynamic and very attractive clothing line, if you’re searching for fashion, style and price.

Children love the MILLION X fashion, and that they’re always up to date. From hoodies to coats, passing through jeans, shorts and skirts. One of the successes of MILLION X is the size of their pants: super skinny, skinny, normal and extra wide. The same goes for boxes and trousers, but in a different finish.

Their cotton and wool for winter collections are thick and bushy, and in summer soft and light.

For girls, blouses, vests, ponchos, shirts 100 % cotton or combined with lace and strass, skirts, dresses, jeans and trousers of different fabrics and prints. For boys; sport sweatshirts with or without hoods, jeans, t-shirts 100 % cotton, and trousers with built-in belts.

A lively combination of quality, colours and design.

The secret to their success is based on their carefully selected offer of modern garments with varied prints, sizes and materials in their different lines – urban and sport – that make MILLION X the preferred brand for most young people, with a bold, modern and different air.

We invite you to visit their stand at which you will find the magic of this collection, presented by its exclusive agents in Spain, QUASAR AGENTS.