Traditions are always the best and most faithful way of getting inspirations. That first blank page, without defining the first sketch, a spool of thread and just a piece of cloth. It seems like yesterday when this brand started, it seems like yesterday when a first communion dress was foreign to them.

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been 50 years now. Fifty years have passed seeing different trends in the fashion world. As the designs have changed; and each composition, a history of inspiration of design has also changed – the mother choosing the design for her daughter.

50 years without losing its thread, where the tendency of the market has always been the importance of the day, the ceremonial day, the delicacy and innocence of that day.

However in these 50 years one can not forget the little ones. One has always thought that everything in life has its time and its moment. There could not have been the First Communion without first a Baptism.

What if the first is already important? Isn’t the second one equally important? One is still committing to the same line of arguments concerning communion dresses and the brand itself.

Notable for the dresses of the next seasonal collection are linens, silks, chiffons and embroidered rustic. The predominant colours are white, off white and beige.

Furthermore important within the designs of this year is the use of different types of sizes, corresponding to the design to enhance it. Same goes for the shape of the sleeves, ranging form French to Japanese elbow-length sleeves.

But do not forget the little details that distinguish each dress, such as ties in different colours and crochet.
Creaciones Charo are close to their customers and inform them about all their products, they have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo and have renewed their website: The collection will be exhibited in the room Goya, at the Real Fábrica de Tapices from 16th to 18th May at Magical Day by FIMI in Madrid.