Tutto Piccolo returns to FIMI with a collection full of emotion

La nueva colección de Tutto Piccolo en su regreso a FIMI

Emotion, ideas, senses…Tutto Piccolo sensational models create special moments and captures them in their creations which they will present at the next edition of FIMI.

Their collection AIR extracts the essence of winter, the freshness and brightness…with elegance, subtlety and simplicity. By using neutral colours, the powered tones give greatness to the fabric itself, tone by tone.

Tweeds, hair woven “Bouclés”….in short, soft materials with a touch of velvet. Classic silhouettes with graphics, geometric patterns, two tones and stripes in all directions.

There EARTH collection is also laregly inspired by the north, a contact and use of natural authentic experiences. For this they use a harmony of colours that contrast with the tones, green seas, chilli reds and klein blues.

A rustic warm fabric, …..pictures in different sizes…the Woodcutter look. Denim garments combines with tweed, wool, and plushes…. “Country”

Get to know Tutto Piccolo’s collection at FIMI, 24 – 26 January at the Recinto Ferial de la Case de Campo de Madrid.