Twinkle Star, elegance, warmth and softness to dress babies

Wedoble presents Twinkle Star Collection, our collection for fall-winter 2018/19. In this collection they balance the traditional and contemporary elements that make Wedoble the modern brand it is today, bridging unique design with functionality, heritage and fashion elements, and the understanding that we produce pieces that are always suitable and comfortable to wear.

The Twinkle Star Collection garments are produced mainly in 100% wool and this collection we also present a new composition, Baby Alpaca which is unique in its lightness, warmness and softness.

Key pieces in the collection
Knitted babysuits, knitted baby dresses, knitted coats and knitted blankets are the key pieces in the new collection

Wedoble debuts in 2003 after many years of experience in working knits of the highest quality. The brand is today a reference in comfort and well-being, known for its classic, sophisticated and modern design, creating unique designs that adapt perfectly to babies aged 0 to 24 months.

Wedoble presents its collections assuming a compromise between comfort and elegance. The classic style and timeless design are key factors in every collection we conceive, valuing the high quality and refinement of each and every material used, with focus on the detailing and finishing of each piece.

The brand is exclusively produced in Portugal and every aspect of the brand is taken care by our in-house team based at our state of the art manufacturing unit.















Their Philosophy

The brand was created with a strong motivation towards providing the utmost comfort to babies in their first months of life. It´s most important characteristic resides in a constant concern with the well-being of the baby and the quality of every garment.