Unique and exclusive pieces from the collection that ELISABETH PUIG presents at FIMI

Elisabeth Puig presenta Colección O/I 2014-15 en FIMI 78 Edición

Elisabeth Puig is a young people’s clothing brand, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, directed by a manager who has more than 20 years experience with prestige brands from around the world. Elisabeth Puig goes even further this season and highlights original and different designs for young people, which are elegant at the same time. Thanks to hand-made production, most of the clothes are beautifully decorated and can be personalised.

The dresses, shirts, skirts and jacket will be coordinated with accessories such as baskets, hats and scarves. And all of them are presented in a cardboard box which is decorated with the collection’s logo, so that dressing with Elisabeth Puig is a unique experience.

Los colores neutros son el denominador común de las colecciones Elisabeth Puig, colores atemporales que resaltan por la sencillez y elegancia. Una de las características de la marca es que todos los motivos de la colección pueden adaptarse a cualquier fondo de ropa. La combinación de colores y motivos no tiene límite. De esta forma, el cliente puede hacer su diseño a la carta, para que la ropa sea una pieza única y exclusiva, con disponibilidad total de reposición.

The neutral colours are the common denominator of Elisabeth Puig’s collection, timeless colour collections that emphasise simplicity and elegance. One of the brands characteristics is that all the collection’s motives can be adapted to any backgrounds of the clothes. There is no limit to the combination of colours and motives. In this way, the client can have the design of their choice, so that the clothes are unique and exclusive and with the availability to have them completely restored.

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