Winter landscapes at FIMI. Oh!Soleil’s Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 collection

Travel to the places inhabited by the cold and discover its range of color. This is the proposal of Oh!Soleil for the next autumn/winter 2013-14 season.

Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, Scotland, Russia… Different destinations where low temperatures affect the landscape by returning white shades, grey, lilac and blue in the absence of sun, but also Texas, greens, minks, yellows, mauves and bordeaux in transit from one station to another. High snowy forests, lakes and frozen creeks, green meadows and a multicolored spectrum of leaves serve as inspiration for this collection which claims clean silhouettes, defined by the color.

For this season, Oh!Soleil presents a more refined style, without giving up the details that make the brand special. Prints cede their role to the color. Tissues also play a part in making the garments comfortable and providing freedom of movement in the game.

For the girls

The dresses are simple lines but with volume, and straight sleeves. They are generally high-waisted although some go up to the hip. For the babies more marked necks or discrete necks, like the mao, and finishes in a tiny steering wheel. Including details of lace and velvet that bring originality to designs without being excessive.

Point jackets are longer this time and the coats are from wool.

Trousers are made in special shades, worn blue (Bluestone), and pink Bordeaux Pearl, gray, and maintain the basics in camel and mink, which combine with everything.

The range of accessories is wide to make all the clothes more versatile and get a unique complete Oh!Soleil look. Scarves, hats, and hoods in the colours of the season, in addition to faux fur, as a novelty.

For the boys

For boys, the range of tones in Chinese and corduroy trousers includes burgundy, indigo, mink and gray to coordinate them with the girls’ dresses.

Prints in stripes and pictures on the shirts, which are made in poplin are a unique signature. Mantels are woven canvas, resistant to day to day adventures and the washing machine.

Baby Oh!Soleil

A high demanded classic Oh Baby!Soleil are the polos, which extend the letter of color and prints. Combined with shirts and mini jackets point. The dresses and froglets are another option.

Mini homewear and celebration Collection.

Oh!Soleil completa su propuesta invernal con una colección cápsula de fiesta para niña, y una colección homewear, con camisones, pijamas y batas, tanto para niña como para niño.

Oh!Soleil completes its proposal for winter with a party girl collection, and a Loungewear collection, nightgowns, pyjamas and robes, for both girls and boys[:]