With the collection “Pochís” Pequebox regains the pride of the closest

Pequebox returns to Fimi with his new collection of accessories and baby clothes, called Pochis. Bags, toiletry bags, towels, blankets, cribs, muslin, bibs, diaper holders, bogaboo covers, bottle holders, changing tables, skirts and polo shirts, petticoats and frogs, knit jackets, babys, nightgowns and pajamas, etc.

Each of its articles and its clothes is designed for the comfort of both the mother and the baby. Classic collections, simple and sober in pastel tones with a modern touch adapted to our time.



Its objective is to recover the pride of the closest, of the well done things, of our own, by making available to all garments and accessories for families and their babies, starting from the three basic premises that make up their way of understanding things: 100% Spanish product, 100% fabrics manufactured in Spain and 100% made in Spain.


More info: www.costureando.com