At this edition, the children’s universe premieres a new space that creates synergy and creativity between the world of fashion and the childcare. «Rooms at Lucy and Daniel» embodies the comprehensive offer of the children’s universe.

Carrying out the project has meant relying on the collaboration of the exhibiting companies that have provided one or more representative pieces of their collections of furniture, decorative products, toys and textiles as fashion and accessories, to create two different environments, one girl and the other boy, in order to reflect the integration of the offer of the contest.

Rooms at Lucy and Daniel discover a space of dreams, creativity and games. Lucia, who lives on the first floor, has made every effort to create your own room that will become your private space that you will enjoy many hours of her childhood. Small desires come to life, emotions are skin-deep. Among its large Nordic cushions the dreams will be hidden; chests of drawers that will keep their secrets; carpets which have counted their steps and a large wardrobe with her clothes and favourite shoes are some of the things that you will get to know behind the door. Few meters but many ideas, everything has paid careful attention to detail.

On the floor below lives Daniel, her brother who dreams of being a writer when he’s bigger. Much quieter, he shows us a very different space in which letters, books, pencils, and desk along with a large trunk that keeps memories of their adventures.

A show which reflects a joint project and integration.