“Anguè Anguè lost in the Mayan Jungle” SS19

  Anguè Anguè, “clothes that tell stories” Clothing brand proudly made in Barcelona for kids from 0 to 12 years old. In Anguè Anguè we use 100% organic cotton. Anguè Anguè is the baby, the main character of all our stories, all of them written and illustrated by our designer Anna Aromir each season. In […]

Olé Collection Summer 2019 of Stay Little in SEE ME

  Summer is here! As the days get longer, colours transform, the light intensifies and the skies clear. The city streets, town squares and coastal beaches become flooded once more by children laughing, playing and swimming under the sunny weather. Stay Little has inspired its Summer 2019 collection in the “Spanish Summers” hence integrating soft […]

Embracing Slow Making, PLAY UP in FIMI

  Artisanal processes require time, attention and focus. This year, Play Up brings to FIMI their new Spring Summer collection, made by the “slow making” method, without harming the environment and with the maxim of creativity. Unlike the industrialized fast-paced processes, slow making is strongly connected to thinking. The self is immersed in the creative […]