Embracing Slow Making, PLAY UP in FIMI


Artisanal processes require time, attention and focus. This year, Play Up brings to FIMI their new Spring Summer collection, made by the “slow making” method, without harming the environment and with the maxim of creativity.

Unlike the industrialized fast-paced processes, slow making is strongly connected to thinking. The self is immersed in the creative process and the result can only be something unique.

“We are very proud of the new generation of Portuguese artisans and designers, who are taking the traditional arts and crafts to another level, combining the ancient techniques and methods with contemporary aesthetics.” They affirm.

Yearning for this uniqueness and authenticity that only handmade items can carry, we decided to bring the ‘makers’ universe to our daily work.

With this collection, they  start a serie of collaborations with Portuguese artisans and creators from a wide range of areas, whose work they admire. This is also their contribution to the preservation of our artistic heritage.

Ceramics is the first artistic area to be featured in this

serie. It is so eclectic, in terms of materials, shapes and processes that each artist has room enough to create his own artistic identity.

Anna Westerlund is their invited artist. This partnership provided them a whole new vision on the ceramic world and we brought all those insights into the SS19 collection: natural tones, simple shapes, handmade allovers and artworks.

With this line, they take their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle one step further, expanding the use of organic cotton and employing only raw materials free of harmful substances and with biodegradable dyes.

Come to FIMI next 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June and  know how they work, or visit their web https://www.playupstore.com/