21st century Communions: mould-breaking trends revealed today at Día Mágico + FIMI

Taking communion in a tracksuit, non-gender collections that can be worn by both boys and girls, purple dresses that vindicate empowerment and a design inspired by the ‘Emily in Paris’ series are just a few of the trends seen at Día Mágico + FIMI, the children’s fashion, communion and ceremony wear fair that opened its doors today at Feria Valencia.

The latest trends in communion and ceremony wear were the stars of the show on this first day of Día Mágico + FIMI, the children’s fashion, communion and ceremony wear fair that opened its doors today atFeria Valencia and runs until Sunday 14th May.

This first day saw collections revealed that designers had been keeping under wraps all season. Mould-breaking designs, very much of the moment, and very classic designs too, of course, were on view at what is the world’s only trade show specialising in communion and ceremony wear. A fair it is essential to attend in person as that is the only way to see, touch and get a real sense of this type of product.

Unisex collections that aim to be non-gender-specific, pink sailor suits for both boys and girls, mauve dresses that vindicate diversity and empowerment, sailor suits made for girls, a collection inspired by the ‘Emily in Paris’ television series – and even a tracksuit-dress design.

Famous designers such as Hortensia Maeso, Amaya Fashion For Kids, Querida Philippa, Mon Air, Beatriz Montero, Javilar, Marla, Crisby’s and Carmy played host today, at Feria Valencia, to Spanish and international buyers. More than 110 brands and a unique offering from the specialist world of communion and ceremony wear.

Spring/summer collections from major brands such as Canada House and Calzados Victoria were also on show, the latter in a huge display of footwear showcasing more than 10 brands dedicated catering for little ones’ feet. . Accessories were also under the spotlight, with notable trends featuring combinations of materials (flowers and metal, fabric and plants…) that are key to having the perfect outfit.

“This first day was a sell-out and we saw the stands full of professionals signing orders for the upcoming season”, claimed the fair’s director, Alicia Gimeno, adding that around 75% of annual business is done at the fair. Gimeno also said that this is a special edition that combines children’s fashion, communion wear fashion and ceremony wear fashion. “It has become an effective business platform and a launchpad for trends”, she said.

Paseo Mágico, the full scope of fashion in a runway show

A total of nine brands paraded at today’s Paseo Mágico, the only runway show in the world specialising in communion and ceremony wear.  The transformative Amaya Couture collection, inspired by ‘Emily in París’, featured jumpsuits and ensembles for modern girls, as well as classic dresses. Beatriz Montero presented a sailor suit in her signature colour, pink, whilst Crisby’s showed delightful designs reminiscent of the 1950s.

The brands use the fashion show to launch their designs and as a strategic business forum. They seek to inspire and be leaders of fashion. This is why Javilar chose purple to “vindicate equality” and Mon Air created a romantic collection inspired by the Greek islands. All these companies have a story.

The Día Mágico by FIMI fashion show also, however, featured the most classic of designs. Marla, La Infantita, Lilus and Mimilú, graced the runway with dresses and designs evocative of traditional celebrations, some more romantic, other more classic, but each one spectacularly designed and cut.

“Paseo Mágico is a unique opportunity for professionals to see the industry’s latest trends and innovations at first hand and to appreciate the value of made in Spain”, the fair’s director claims. “We are proud that this show is so highly valued by the retail sector both at home and abroad”, she notes, stressing that fashion shows are an excellent way of measuring how well the design and quality of Spanish products are being received in the international marketplace.

Día Mágico + FIMI will be staging the show again tomorrow as another opportunity for buyers to see the exclusive offering from these brands. The show takes place at 18.30 in the runway show room.