Bóboli presents its spring-summer 2019 collection

This season they have developed the boboli collection in four well differentiated themes, both colorful and in essence, also incorporating some lines for the bathroom collection.

AFRICAN SOULAn ethnic theme of African air in which highlights, without hesitation, the color: chemical white as a common thread, accompanied by shades that remind us of spices, such as yellow saffron, reddish paprika, pepper and clay, reinforced with browns and grays anthracite.Stamped all over of monochrome ethnic borders and animals of primitive air for the smaller sizes.

In girls, we add elaborate trimmings in contrast to the ends of the garments, which give them a more tribal look. You can not miss the vaporous fabrics, such as viscose, or rustic look with simple jacquares. Finally, they emphasize tinted garments that combine different fabrics and textures, giving the collection a touch of craftsmanship. ALWAYS REDWe reinvent the classic marine-red in all the boboli lines, showing an explosion of different flowers that take us from a wild garden of poppies or tulips to a tropical one of hibiscus and flamingos, accompanied by the girls, of the classic sea kayaks and kodak stripes .

In Newborn, we find this chromatic range in a circus air environment: denim blue worked with place embroidery and micro prints of tropical air for girls. For the youngest kids, skater looks on boardwalks with palm trees and sailor motifs with a touch of vigorous gray plush mixed with denim and, for babies, a theme inspired by the motor world with roadside works worked with shields and labels.

Finally, elastic knit garments accompanied by other cotton satin, round off this theme. ACID LEMONOur most optimistic theme, fresh and full summer. Full of acid and vibrant colors, such as yellow, fluorine pink, turquoise Caribbean and water, where white remains the point of union of this theme for all lines. In the smallest ones, the prints are accompanied in piece with anthracite gray and in the majors, with marine and green leaf. Freshness is present in all the lines, especially in the white background prints with fruit motifs such as lemons, cherries … as well as in two-tone knitted lists for baby lines and wide vertical lists in linen fabrics, for girls more junior. Among the children, there are the prints with acid-colored bicycles for the little ones and palm leaves in green ranges for the older ones. In both lines, we also find, embroidered, viscose cambers combined with knit and dyed in garment with summer colors.

RAINBOWThis is a theme with boboli essence: an explosion of color with a very summery and fresh image. Among the most prominent prints, we find colorful florals with acid touches, accompanied by funny multicolored lists and crazy moles like confetti splashing garments. The washed bleach print denim is the protagonist among the smallest, while the embroidery is among the kids girls, without forgetting the elastic knit fabrics that we find in all the lines. For the boys, we highlight the star prints in ranges of blue on denim and multicolored on the plush.

This theme inspires, in turn, the Chic line, which also includes the pique point in acid color.  We can not finish, without giving a space to the Acqua collection for SS19:We highlight the bathroom collection with tropical theme prints, naif flowers with lots of color, fruits with geometric lines in colorful acids and a vintage theme that mixes the classic Vichy painting with a small Liberty flower. For them, the marine theme, both in baby and kids, mixes simple bicolour listings with tropical flamingos in reversible and very elaborate garments, with ruffles that imitate the plumage of these birds in a fun wink. For them, garments more monochrome with turquoise blue and marine, as well as white that in turn intermingle with sharks and fish as a point of union. Finally, both for girls and boys, very colorful themes of Caribbean air with yellows, lime green, oranges … All over geometric patterns of eighties air and our characteristic patterns of fun elements, such as diving glasses, hungry piranhas, etc.

Do not miss it, go to FIMI and you will be able to tell the sensations that the new Boboli collections transmit to you.