Clemencita by Lucía Marth again in FIMI without losing their familiar and close essence

Clemencita by Lucía Marth is a high fashion firm that keeps being a topic of conversation on this sector, not only in Spain, being that now they export to Portugal, London, Dominican Republic and Panama. They started to participate in FIMI last year, in 2017, when they were a little fashion firm only known in the area of Spain, but the firm has increased a lot since that time, without losing their familiar and close essence.

Also, they have involved recently in their firm Mrs. Sofía de Borbón, diplomacy academy’s president. It was showed some days ago in her Facebook and Instagram profile.

For more information, you can visit their web or their social profile in Facebook (Clemencita by Lucía Marth) and Instagram (@clemencita_moda_infantil)