Maxomorra, in SEE ME present its Spring-Summer 2019 collections

They will present a collection faithful to the philosophy of the Swedish brand: comfortable and fun clothing to be at home, to play, sleep, and enjoy on the street. They maintain their commitment to ethical production and sustainable fashion:- Organic cotton, GOTS certified.- Clothing that respects the environment and society.- Cheerful colors, unique and fun prints.

In the Spring collection we will see the inspiration in the big city: cars, taxis, buses, helicopters … And after the hectic life in the city we can go to the garden and enjoy a more calm and relaxed environment: snails, moles, ladybugs … How well spring comes! In the summer collection we go from Safari. We can see his majesty the lion king (a very funny lion), the zebras, the rhinoceroses and the elephants. In the jungle or in the savannah, this collection is an adventure.

We will also go to the beach, of course! We can swim, collect shells, play with crabs, and enjoy the boats in the harbor. More than 5 years in Spain, and more than 500 stores around the world enjoy the quality of Maxomorra. Their garments are recognizable and their customers are the most faithful.

Did you know that in some countries there are real fan communities of Maxomorra with thousands of followers on Facebook? Do not miss the opportunity to offer this special brand and bring the color, the joy and the comfort of Maxomorra in every corner and in every moment.

Collections available as of June 1.Spring Orders SP19 closes on August 13 ,.SU19 Summer Orders close on September 10th. To see the complete collection visit its website:

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