Piccola Speranza has two big passions: children and fashion


Piccola Speranza is an affordable luxury children’s fashion brand, that produces clothes (casual, casual chic and ceremony) and accessories from newborn to 12 years old.

With meticulous attention to detail, we present classical yet innovative collections for a medium-high market segment.

Piccola Speranza combines exclusive designs with the use of noble materials and has a very strict quality control to meet our clients expectations

Piccola Speranza brand is 100% made in Portugal, created by Alzira Oliveira in 2013.

This business women has dedicated her life to textile industry, designing and producing models for other brands for over 40 years.

The birth of the granddaughter inspired Alzira to build her own brand, leveraged by an extensive industry experience.

Alzira has 2 big passions: children and fashion. Piccola Speranza is the combination of both.


For more information: info@piccolasperanza.com; www.piccolasperanza.com;   Facebook: piccolasperanza  Instagram: piccolasperanza_official