Majestic lions, slender leopards, huge elephants, rare rhinos to find, fast cheetahs, herds of buffalo, zebras, antelopes and wildebeest, towering giraffes, smiling hyenas, hippos frolicking in the chocolate waters of flooded rivers of crocodiles …

Soft hills covered by meadows. Acacias and baobabs, the sacred trees of Africa. Savannahs, coasts that open to the sea, forests, lakes, rivers and majestic mountains …

A great diversity of ethnic groups that form the identity of the continent, who struggle to keep their roots intact. Their typical costumes contain geometric and vivid designs, to which they give other meanings: red is a sign of courage and strength; blue is the sign of heaven and water; the green represents nature; orange hospitality; white symbolizes purity; and the black represents the different African people and ethnic groups.

The P19 Piñata SS19 collection is inspired by the colors of Kenya and the traditional garments of its tribes. Colors that represent nature and earth, courage and purity, sky and sea: red, black, turquoise, mint green or apricot orange, among others.

With the Masai as a source of inspiration, whose great fame, pride and courage comes from his love of freedom above all, Piñata PUM has chosen the fabrics, textures, patterns, colors and designs of his new collection SS19 KENIA.

Cotton, plush, plain knit and twill stitches are added to this collection with the new “woven” towel fabric texture, embroidered fabrics, flamé yarn and new textures, always with the aim of providing freedom of movement to the smallest ones, with the maximum comfort and quality.

Red paintings and geometric patterns coexist in this collection with the infallible and characteristic tints in clothing and prints of the brand, which this time recreate a small savannah: zebras, lions, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes … the Piñata universe PUM in the heart from Africa .

Everything that has always fascinated us on the African continent is here in the collection SS2019 Kenya, and you have the opportunity to live it next weekend, at FIMI.

Hakuna Matata.