Pulseras Candela, a solidary project by some little brave kids people in PETIT FIMI

Pulseras Candela association is a solidary movement created by children sick by cancer hospitalized in Sant Joan de Déu hospital. Their objective: collect donations by selling some bracelets for child cancer research. The project appeared when some sick children managed to raise 1,000,000 € by changing colourful bracelets. By the years this group that was created spontaneously and voluntary became the nonprofit Association with their purpose to preservate the Candelas solidary spirit in addition to ensure the project continuity and protect the clearance of all their actions.

Pulseras Candela has as purpose to fight against cancer develop in all their ways: through furtherance activities and promotion of investigation, fund accounting destined to Sant Joan de Déu hospital’s laboratory in Barcelona, as well as another public or private entities of prestige and social character dedicated to child cancer research and to the promotion of social volunteering.

In 2017, their first year as Association and with all their volunteer’s help, they donated 450,000€ to the research lab at Sant Joan de Déu hospital. They got that amount from micro-donations in exchange of the bracelets made by a big family of volunteers and a wide net of solidary commerces that give them out in different festive and sportive events. Besides, they have the invaluable help of lots of schools that through some Candelas’ workshops they join this reason and with it, also, they can broadcast solidary values to the youngest people of our society.