Snug Presents New Spring-Summer 2025 Collection ‘Be Creative’ at the FIMI International Trade Show

Snug, the Portuguese baby and children’s clothing brand, is pleased to announce its participation in the FIMI International Trade Show, which will present the new Spring-Summer 2025 collection titled ‘Be Creative’. This collection is an ode to the creativity and naive, free exploration of young children, reflecting the essence of childhood through a fresh and fruity colour palette, sometimes with watercolour nuances.

Inspiring Color Palette and Motifs
The ‘Be Creative’ collection stands out with its vibrant colour palette, evoking the freshness and joy of summer. The colours are an invitation to imagination, with multicoloured brush strokes, irregular stripes, and floral motifs capturing the playful and creative essence of the season.

Key Messages of the Collection
The collection is marked by messages that promote simplicity and creativity:

  • “Be”: A small word that encapsulates the essence of being, and existing. This word is used as an embroidery with a natural cord on a sweater, symbolizing simplicity, sensitivity, fragility, and personality.
  • “Let’s be creative”: An inspirational message that encourages a creative attitude towards life’s challenges, both visually and spiritually. This phrase appears in artisanal embroidery on a sweatshirt, emphasizing the importance of creativity from childhood.
  • “The bee, the butterfly, and the snail”: An innocent representation of the friendship between three miniature beings, delicate and naive, reflected in prints on a t-shirt.

Conscious and Comfortable Materials
Committed to the environment, future generations, and the comfort of the little ones, Snug uses carefully selected raw materials:

  • Cotton Knit: Composed of 70% cotton, the collection incorporates a growing percentage of recycled cotton. This material is versatile, fresh, light, timeless, and easy to wash without ironing.
  • Linen: Introduced as a natural and sustainable option, linen is a strong fibre that grows with few resources, ideal for durable and comfortable pieces.

The collection also includes a wide range of “garment dye” pieces dyed with GOTS pigments, allowing for easy and harmonious combinations. Each print in the collection can be coordinated with up to four colours, facilitating the organization of a conscious and versatile wardrobe.

Snug invites all FIMI visitors to explore the new ‘Be Creative’ collection and discover how the brand continues to promote creativity and the well-being of young children with innovative and sustainable pieces.

About Snug
Snug is a Portuguese brand dedicated to helping the little ones’ families and friends on their quest for sustainable baby and childrenwear [0 months – 4 years] that lasts. Aiming for a less disposable future, teaching the children how important it is to look after the common house that cradles us all. With a more relaxed design and special attention to detail, Snug continues to inspire children’s creativity and imagination through its unique collections.