BABYKID SPAIN + FIMI, as international professional event in the children’s universe, continues to advance new trends in childcare, fashion and children’s footwear that will be seen in its next event, from February 17th to 19th in Valencia.

Among the new proposals of children’s brands, a clear commitment to technological innovation at the service of the care and protection of the little ones is consolidated.  Avant-garde designs and new materials that offer additional qualities, beyond mere functionality. Fabrics with antibacterial and breathable properties, thermoresistant and ecological materials, ergonomic designs and technical overlaps are some of the main features of the new generation of products for children.

In this way, the firm MINILAND presents its new Terra collection that consists of minimalist designs in natural, smooth and decorated colors, to help parents with the feeding of the baby: thermoses and bottles for liquids and solids in steel of the best quality, matching isothermal bags that facilitate transport and other feeding accessories such as  hermetic container sets and picnic kit.

For its part, the childcare brand gamma resource offers products for the arrival of the newborn (hammocks, child seats, etc.) that seek the maximum well-being of the baby, thanks to its innovative designs, designed so that the development of the child is an experience shared by the family, with total safety and comfort.

Hand in hand with the innovative Swiss brand MAST Swiss Design, in constant search of intelligent and comfortable solutions for parents, the latest developments in strollers and accessories of high quality, practical and safe, with solutions tailored to each family, model M.2, ideal companion for walks and trips, thanks to its light weight; M.3, dynamic and flexible or M.2x, compact solution with optimal suspensions to move both around the city and to walk through nature

Also with the technology how allied to safety and health childish, My Baby Mattress, company aware of the importance of baby rest for its development, has a wide range of mattresses with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS1 certificate, which ensures that their materials are completely free of toxic agents. In this way, it makes the little ones sleep safely, while reinforcing their commitment to the environment, through an R&D that respects nature.

With the optimal rest of children also as the main objective, the Italian firm SOTTOCOPERTA, distributed by Eva Schulz, offers an alternative to the traditional pijamas and daily clothes for children, incorporating in its designs contemporary trends, together with the fabrics of the highest quality, which  respect children’s sensitive skin and freedom of movement.

From the Polish brand InnoGIO, a wide variety of innovative products of high quality and precision are presented, for the whole family. In its special line dedicated to children, it includes a series of lamps with soft elastic silicone night lights without PBA, safe and interactive stuffed animals to hug and develop the senses of children or a chair to feed the little ones, next to a silicone children’s tableware, both with non-slip surfaces

VALCO BABY, an Australian firm specialized in the design of baby products since 1965, is also committed  to research to improve the safety and quality of strollers, with new dynamic models that can evolve with the growing family.

Likewise, in continuous search for practical and innovative solutions that help families to reconcile parenting with the current pace of life, GRANUJAS distributes practical ergonomic baby carriers made with organic fabrics, as well as maternal and child hygiene products with a “zero waste” philosophy.

With the same ecological and sustainable concerns, the French firm Easy Peasy distributed by Eva Schulz, presents an eco-designed collection of footwear and accessories for children and mothers, handmade in certified vegetable leather, from  an advanced tanning process that uses fruits and leaves. In addition, shoes are made from water-soluble glues, so there is no danger of younger children putting them in their mouths.

Also, with the aim of helping mothers in their own care and that of their babies,  Lansinoh®, an expert brand in accompanying mothers in pregnancy, postpartum and lactation since 1984, offers an extensive range of products with advanced formulas that have as their origin the use of pure lanolin for its healing properties,  soothing and protective for the skin of mothers and their babies.