Marita Rial was born in 2007 created by Mar Segovia, an entrepreneur woman who managed to change the trend of children’s fashion market by developing her own style, positioning her designs and firm as a reference in the children’s Spanish fashion.

The company’s business experience is based on the company’s growth and expansion of a unique and original product developed by a professional  technical and commercial team which achieves to gain market share campaign after campaign.

Brand commitment is the excellence in every single detail. We work with the highest-quality fabric, exquisite dressmaking and a careful and wonderful staging to ensure clients see the design in the best environment (professional photos books, fashion show). All these special features make the personal stamp of the brand.

Product lines

Marita Rial works with different product lines according to the needs of the market. Collections: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter, Special Occasions and Ceremony collection y Long Dresses collection.

Expansion of the brand.

Nowadays, Marita Rial is present in more than a twelve countries around the world, like the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Portugal, Panama, Puerto Rico, Morocco, or Great Britain, as well as having more than 150 points of sale in Spain.


Head office is located in Mérida (Spain), where we distribute our product to our clients (retailers). In the same place, we have our unique direct point of sale as a brand where we sell all our collection and also where we offer service of exclusive design and tailor made

Media presence:

Marita Rial has been in media numerous times and in many different means of communication such as; television, radio, newspapers specializing in children’s fashion, … as well as permanent and continuos advertising on social networks directly, with their  own channels of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and indirectly in them through bloggers´interview.

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