Success of BABYKID+FIMI in the edition of the reunion of the sector

The event exceeds the expectations of the brands with the visit of international buyers and reconnect all the professionals of the children’s world

BABYKID SPAIN+FIMI, professional event of the children’s universe, successfully closes its second edition at Feria Valencia, an event marked by the long-awaited reunion of all professionals in the children’s world, with renewed desire to reactivate the dynamics of the sector.

The number of visitors and international buyers has surprised the exhibiting brands, which have far exceeded their expectations for this edition, of which they make a very positive balance.

In the words of the Valencian brand CAMBRAS: “We are very happy about this edition, because it is the beginning after the pandemic. It’s very nice to see that customers feel like it again. It has been three very good days of fair that we did not expect. We have had many export customers and we are very grateful for the management that the fair has done with the invitation of international buyers.”

From the artisan fashion firm Creaciones Charo highlight the important presence of international clients from New York, Greece, Switzerland, Colombia or Costa Rica, with whom purchases have been closed and contact created, as well as a good distribution agreement with an Italian agent. “We are very satisfied.”

In the same vein, from the brand BABIDIF confirm: “We are pleasantly surprised. There has been a lot of movement, our expectations have been far exceeded.”

On the part of BIMBI DREAMS they point out: “They have been very good days, both nationally and internationally. Especially exports, even higher than years before the pandemic. New customers, many, in addition to placing orders directly.”

Also in the brand of hair complements SIENA, they value positively the face-to-face reunion with the professionals of the sector. “People have come wanting to buy, especially ceremony. It’s gone much better than expected.”

In this sense, from the firm BEBÉ REBELDE they agree in their positive impression of the event and underline the good results in terms of contacts and customer visits.

For the Portuguese house Laranjinha, which celebrates its 40th anniversary, the impression has been very positive “We have been surprised. Our expectations have been exceeded. The sector needed professioals to be able to resume face-to-face contact again.”

In the childcare firm MINILAND, the illusion and the lively pace of work stand out: “There have been moments without stopping. Much better than we thought, really.”

On the part of the brand of dolls NINES D’ONEIL they say: “Our overall impression is very good. We left our first edition delighted, looking forward to the next one. We become super enriched on a cultural, personal and professional level. With a lot of new contacts and orders, that’s the important thing.”

Likewise, from the German firm ABC DESIGN they make a very positive balance of this edition “The acceptance of the stores has been spectacular, for us it has been a platform.”

Also for the children’s fashion brand MANUELA MONTERO, this has been a positive edition “It has been a good opportunity to resume contact, to see customers again, after the break of these two years.”