Sustainability, urban fashion and outer space, trends for Autumn Winter 23/24

BabyKid Spain + FIMI, which closes its doors tomorrow, has been showcasing the latest trends from over 400 brands from 20 countries. Urban styles are back, with skateboard and graffiti prints from the 90s for both boys and girls. In addition, eco-sustainability, healthy eating, the conquest of space and atmospheric phenomena, reflected by orchards and plants, planets, drops, rainbows and animals, are also on trend.  

Valencia, 25th[JC1]  January 2023.- BabyKid Spain + FIMI has showcased all the latest trends in fashion and childcare: planets and constellations, little animals in Noah’s ark, intense green colours that represent urban gardens, references to “we are what we eat”, and casual styles seeking a return to the streets of the ’90s.

Awareness of the climate emergency and global warming, healthy eating, interest in space and a return to the streets have been decisive elements in the industry’s new collections, both in children’s and teen fashion and in childcare, footwear, accessories and toys.

“Each collection has four trends: two minimalist and two which are more flamboyant. The reason is that brands always identify more with one or two and create their products based on this”, said Úrsula Uría, Head of Spain for Satelittle, the international design and trends agency specialising in babies and children, which is exhibiting at BabyKid Spain + FIMI.  

According to the agency’s trend book, the Autumn Winter 23/24 themes are divided into four concepts: release, warn, space age and street mood. “The first talks about sustainability, the second about climate awareness, the third about space and the fourth is more urban”, explains Uría, who added that these trends are all in evidence at this year’s BabyKid Spain + FIMI.

The more than 400 brands attending this event co-organised by Feria Valencia and Asepri (Spanish Children’s Products Association) are showcasing items that are in line with these trends. Buyers and trade visitors have been treated to quilts, duvets and sheets with sea animal, plant and rocket motifs, and collections that include warm fabrics made of wool, mohair and angora, as well as more functional and comfortable options made of cotton. Ochre, lime and peach are the colours brightening up the different colour palettes, including toys and footwear.

Dractoys, for example, has a large space rocket in shades of midnight blue. Sweet Paripe has vibrant, colourful socks with a highly functional, breathable fabric originally designed for cyclists. Thule has an air-purifying pushchair cover, and Mia and Lia have put soft cotton and wool at the core of their designs.

Quality buyers looking for Made in Spain

The Director of BabyKid Spain + FIMI pointed out that the products on show at the event attract buyers from all over the world. “The fair has welcomed trade visitors from over 40 countries”, and she also mentioned that the catwalk is one of its added values. “The fashion show is tremendously important and is the place to showcase trends, to be daring and for brands to make their mark”.

In turn, Borja Mataix, Sales Director of Tutto Piccolo, pointed out that this year’s event has been very well attended by quality buyers and that many visitors from abroad have come to the fair. “Outside our borders, the Made in Spain brand is held in high esteem”, he stated, adding that orders have flown in non-stop and new contacts have been made that are “very interesting” for future business.

Gimeno is satisfied at the halfway point of the fair and assures that it is now the turn of the shops. “Going to a point of sale has to be an experience tailored to kids because they are the ones who make the decisions. It is very important to let them get involved and to make them want to be there. They have to start a revolution from within”, she concluded.

An inclusive catwalk with an Andalusian feel

One of the most eagerly awaited events at BKS + FIMI was the FIMI KIDS FASHION WEEK fashion show, a benchmark catwalk experience, which is central to trade buyers’ purchasing decisions. A total of seven brands showcased the season’s latest trends.

Martín Aranda, Mimosines, Ecocó Baby & Kids, LaOrmiga and Asalvo were the brands that participated in the Andalusian Children’s Fashion and Childcare Show, with the support of Extenda. Javilar, Airen and Pan con Chocolate also showcased their latest designs on a catwalk that was warmly applauded by the audience.

Craftsmanship, innovation, tradition and sustainability were combined with outstanding fabrics, patterns, details and design. The fashion show also featured a girl with functional diversity, who modelled for the firm Martín Aranda.

In addition, for the first time, BKS + FIMI held the BKS CHILDCARE WEEK childcare fashion show, where Asalvo, Cambrass and Kikkaboo showcased their latest innovations.

 [JC1]Si pone que la feria cierra mañana, esta fecha tiene que ser el 27 no el 25.