The return to nature, new trend at Babykid Spain + FIMI’22

BABYKID SPAIN + FIMI, an international professional event in the children’s universe, begins to advance the trends in childcare, fashion and children’s footwear that can be seen in its next event, from February 17 to 19 in Valencia.

Entre las propuestas de las marcas, tanto nacionales como extranjeras, destaca una clara apuesta por el compromiso por el cuidado del planeta, regresando a la Naturaleza como hogar que preservar para las futuras generaciones, pero también como fuente de inspiración de las colecciones: en sus ritmos, procesos, materiales y colores.

Among the proposals of the brands, both national and foreign, stands out a clear commitment to the care of the planet, returning to Nature as a home to preserve for future generations, but also as a source of inspiration for the collections: in their rhythms, processes, materials and colors.

In this way, the firm CROCHET will present its new line of children’s products made of 100% natural materials, such as cotton or pine wood, in which animals become  the  absolute protagonists of its new range of stuffed animals, doudous, accessories and furniture, designed to help children connect with the love for Nature.

Following this trend, the children’s furniture brand ALONDRA will show its new range of RATTAN Eco Friendly items, consisting  of  cribs, mini cots, camas, mini tables and decorative objects (lamps, carpets, etc.), all of them handmade in natural rattan cane.

Also looking at rattan -as  a natural, light and resistant material- and the good work of artisan hands, BIMBI DREAMS proposes a new line of minicots and baskets, which combine comfort and tradition in the gesture of putting babies to bed, thanks to its light braided designs, which allow air to circulate and  evoke memories of parents and grandparents.

Likewise, the return to the artisanal manufacturing process  is part of the Spanish brands KIDS&ME and BABY FASHION, which propose timeless designs of classic cut in high quality fabrics, to prolong the life and durability of the garments, favoring a more responsible consumption in children’s fashion. In this same line, the accessories